Hair Loss

foliboost hair growth serum Mazton

Foliboost Hair Growth Serum

Foliboost hair growth serum promotes hair follicle activity and prevents further hair loss. it results in thicker, stronger and voluminous hair in both men and women

Grower hair solution Mazton

Grower Hair Solution

Grower Contains minoxidil 5%, a traditional solution to male pattern baldness.

Hirsuit Hair tonic Mazton

Hirsuit Hair tonic

Hirsuit Hair tonic is an imported solution for synergistic hair regrowth and hair loss prevention in both men and women

Epivitam Tablets Mazton


Epivitam Tablets are nutritional supplements for healthy Skin, Hair and Nails. They are rich in essential vitamins, minerals and Anti oxidants specially formulated for the Skin. It is an ideal combination with one of our hair growth products to tackle hair fall and hair thinning.

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